Three Ways To Make Your Life Easier As a Student at the University of North Carolina

Congratulations, you are a college student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte! There’s a lot to look forward to, and you may feel overwhelmed, but there a few things you can do to ease your transition into university life.

Living Situation

While you are a student your life revolves around the university, so living close by is a major plus. If you can, live on campus. If not, find housing within walking distance to UNCC. That way you won’t have to worry about a commute, finding parking or being late to class. This is especially important if you can’t afford a car yet. Living with roommates who are also students can help lower the cost of rent and provide you extra motivation to study.

Organizational Skills

As a student you are going to have a lot to keep track of, from all of your notes to your plan for the future. Learn how to set goals and organize things into categories. Use simple tools like folders and color coded highlighters. Having a planner is extremely helpful for staying on top of deadlines. There are a lot of phone applications out there, as well. These skills will come in handy when it’s time to keep your adult life organized, like when filing taxes.

Public Speaking

Whether or not you imagine your future career including public speaking, it is an invaluable skill to have in any setting. It will help you to give better presentations in your classes, and communicate more effectively with faculty and peers. When it comes time to start interviewing for jobs, public speaking can give you a huge leg up in an interview, and it will help you to be less nervous.

Being a student can be tough, especially if you aren’t prepared. Do all you can to set yourself up for success. If you need, reach out to friends and family to help you learn to organize, speak publicly and set up a sweet apartment near the school.