How To Get Your Child Interested in Reading

For some children, reading can be a real struggle, so they choose to avoid it. Reading is a part of life and something that everyone must learn to do. So, how can you help your child to push past the tears, anger, frustration and lack of motivation when it comes to completing this task? Follow these suggestions to get your youngster on the right track with reading.

Give Some Love to Get Some Love

Show a child that reading is fun and exciting through modeling reading. Children tend to model what they see in their lives, and if they are not seeing that the adults around them love reading, it is likely that they will also not enjoy picking up a book or magazine either. Make it a point to let your child see you loving and enjoying reading. This could eventually rub off on him or her.

Pick Books That Are Interesting

If reading is something that your child is not passionate about, start off on the right foot by choosing books that are interesting to him or her. This might include books with a certain theme or characters from a beloved cartoon. You can even get personalized children’s books to make him or her the topic of attention. Engaging children in something that they like can make something that feels like a difficult task feel like it is the easiest thing to do.

Sharing is Caring

Engaging in shared read alouds can not only give you quality time with your child, but it can also show him or her proper reading techniques like comprehension, making connections and understanding what a fluent reader sounds like. It can also make your child feel more comfortable with reading.

Helping your child garner interest in reading does not have to be a strenuous task. Help with your child’s engagement by modeling a love for reading, picking books that are interesting and participating in shared read alouds.