Are You Visiting Paris For the First Time? A Few Useful Tips

If you are visiting Paris, the beautiful capital of France for the first time then you are in for a great treat. This wonderful landmark practically breathes culture and everything that you will see here will give you some new excitement. Since it is your first-time visit to Paris, we have tried to put together a small guide, which can help anyone who is visiting either for the first time to Paris or if you have already been here before then it can be a small refresher for you.

Travelling around Paris

Though, it may be quite easy to navigate a number of sites in Paris by foot, however many times you may have to travel by metro. For tourists, it is best to buy a Paris-Visit-Pass, which will be an all-inclusive travel-card that will allow you to jump to most of the forms of transport in Paris – the tram, bus, metro, RER and SNCF. You can cover all the important spots in Paris in 3 to 5 days of travel.

Following are few top attractions of Paris which you must see while you are in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc-de-Triomphe is among the few of the most iconic-monuments of France, which is certainly a glorious masterpiece of sculpture, architecture and design. It was built sometime between 1806 to 1836, and it is instantly recognised for its military-history of France. This monument offers a glimpse into social past of France as well as you can get spectacular views of all across central Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

Though this latticed tower initially was installed as a temporary fixture, but now it has been persevered for decades to become one of the most-iconic symbols of Paris. Whether you get the chance to climb its metal stairs for going to top or you view it from river boat, you must definitely see it at least once in person to round off the visit of Paris.

Notre Dame

This uncanny cathedral is indicating about the most impressive living examples of the Gothic architecture, which you can find from its high arched-ceilings and curves standing guard from its towers. You can always find here, people with zoom cameras in their hand trying to take its lively picture from different angles. You can enjoy free entry if you carry your Paris Pass with you.

Moulin Rouge

Whether it is day or night, as you see the massive windmill blades of Moulin Rouge, which is lashing through the sky that are the sight to observe. It is better to visit here in the evenings, as it is all lit up during this time with neon lights.

Where should you eat

Paris is such a place where you can always find food of your choice. Whether you want to eat at any roadside bakery or enjoy a full meal in a restaurant, there are many different varieties of foods that you can choose.

In Paris there are number of historical restaurants all around the city that have been serving diners for centuries. You can check from any guide-book about Paris to get their comprehensive list. In case you are on budget then the guide book can help you to locate few café’s where you can get foods at reasonable price.


Like any other major cities of the world, you need to take proper care about your valuables particularly when you are moving on any crowded metro or to any famous landmarks. In Paris, pickpocketing is one of the biggest issues, though you can easily avoid, if you are alert.

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