5 Fundamentals Of Accountability And How It Helps Learners In An Online Course

An obligation included in a particular process which deals with the various activities and accepts the blame for failures, if any, while the learners are indulging in it, is known as accountability. It depends on a few fundamental principles that can judge the impact on the behaviour of the learners as they delve into a particular course, such as the online TEFL diploma course.

In the following lines, we will have a look at how these fundamentals leave an impact on the learners during an online course and make them more accountable in due course.

  1. Action

Every action has a reaction. So if it is done in the right way, it will give positive implication, while the negative ones are guaranteed during the wrong conduction of the activities. This includes every process and the educational courses are not an exception. The courses, especially the ones which are conducted online, should follow these rules closely and help in delivering a better curriculum to the learners, easier for their learning and understanding. If that is not done in the prescribed way, then the accountability will fell on the conductor.

  1. Creativity

The creative part present in every course cannot be neglected in this respect as well. Both the educator and learner need to take accountability for making the course curriculum exciting and intriguing and direct it towards a successful completion. Without accountability, it is impossible for both the parties to reach the optimal result.

  1. Strategy formulation

To formulate full proof strategies is another very important job for the teachers and students in an online class for a better developmental procedure and accomplish the ultimate goal of successful completion of the course. The lack of strategy formulation can hinder the completion of a course curriculum and its accountability depends on both the learners and the educators.

  1. Decision Making

Probably the most important part of a course curriculum is the decision making part and the accountability of this activity also depends on the teachers as well as students. A comprehensive course can only be formulated out of precise decision making, involving both the learners and the educators, where both the parties are held accountable in case of a mishap.

  1. Policies

Like strategies, the formulation of policies is also equally important for the smooth running of the course curriculum and a better understanding of the same for the learners as well as educators. Any discrepancy arising midway through the course can be due to the miscommunication between the two parties and both of them are set to be held accountable for the problem thus caused.

The fundamentals of accountability are very important in the determination of the right course for studying, especially if it online. In this case, the various components of accountability are deemed helpful for the learners who are indulging in an online course like the online TEFL diploma course. It not only helps in establishing a strong bond between the teacher and the students via the reasoning of accountability but also paves the way in crafting a responsible person out of a mere learner for a better future.