Outline Of Quran

The Quran Majeed is the main source of guidance not only for the Muslims but for all human beings. This is the last book of ALLAH which was sent down on Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) through the angle Hazrat Jibril(A.S) and then it reached to us by the help of Sahabas, through verbal and written form.  There are 6666 verses in it and has 114 chapter. Quran has been divided into 30 parts which are called “Paraas”.

This book is a way of guidance that was sent down for all humanity despite of color and creed.It includes guidance on every aspect of life whether it is about social life or personal life. It covers all the information about education, trade, and law.

Importance of the Soorah

Sura Fatiha is the introduction of the Holy Quran. This is the First Surah of the Holy Quran. In every Raka of Namaz, Suran Fatiha is recited. This surah is considered as a way of asking for forgiveness and to get on the right path. Surah Baqra is the largest Surah of the Quran and it has 286 verses and the smallest Surah is Surah Kausar and it has 3 verses. There are more than 73 thousand words in Quran.

            This is the book of guidance and knowledge that is why it should be taught to kids from the very start. It is not only the food for the soul but will also provide them the insight about Islam, and Khuda. These days Online Quran Teaching Academy is getting importance and parents prefer that their children get the quality education from the home.

The virtues and characteristics of the Quran are stated as follows in the verses and hadiths:

According to that Quran is a book that only reveals blessings and the people who follow it receives mercy. (al-Anam, 6/155).

As Hazrat Muhammad PBUH stated that the Quran is a divine inspiration that Allah has revealed on Muhammad (SWT).Quran is the miracle of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and with time miracles of every prophet has passed but Allah has promised to keep this miracle safe and it will remain safe until the end of the humanity.

The Quran contains principles to live your life; it teaches us the basic ethics and moral values. If you want your child to acquire all those morals and want to get him quality knowledge about Quran then visit MyQuranTeaching.com.

Prophets’ name mentioned in the Quran

Many prophet’s names and stories and incidents related to their time have mentioned in Quran, here are some listed

The Story of Prophet Adam (A.S)

The Story of Haaroot and Maaroot

The story of Prophet Nooh

The story of Prophet Eesaa (A.S)

The story of Prophet Ibrahim

The Quran was sent down in order to purify the human soul and to let them search for the truth and knowledge. Quran helps individual to distinguish between right and wrong.

Quran teaches us true wisdom the purpose of creation of human being and Quran also teaches us law as it is the book of Shari’ah because it gives a detailed code of life that includes many commands and probations also that is helpful to maintain a social and personal life balance.

Quran contains commands about social life, personal life, rules of law and the importance of prayer and stories about the past people. Every word of this Holy Book brings countless blessings. Every word of it brings not only rewards but also teaches the way to live in a society in a perfect way.


Quran is the last message of Allah S.W it’s a miraculous book but it’s not sent down just to recite but to act upon. Outline of the Quran is designed in a way that it has a significant relevance to every individual.